Rightly Dividing Discipleship 1

Published January 8, 2014 by

Understanding Discipleship in Relationship to Christ’s Earthly Ministry


I. What is a Disciple?

A. A teacher (didaskalos) teaches (didosko).
A student of a teacher is taught (didasko, with passive voice).

B. A disciple (mathatas) learns (manthano)

II. What were the requirements to be a disciple of Jesus during His earthly ministry?

A. A Jewish male who tried to learn the things Jesus taught by his own ability.

B. The disciple had to follow Jesus. Matt 8:18-22.

C. The disciple had to accept suffering because of the stigma of Jesus. Matt 10:24-25.

D. The disciple had to decide to “hate” his family and even his own (emotional) life. Luke 14:26.

III. What was the curriculum of a disciple during Jesus’ earthly ministry.

A. He learned about two kingdoms.

B. The twelve preached both kingdoms. Matt 10:5-8.

IV. What did disciples of Jesus believe about Him?

A. The ‘Gospel Era’ gospel for salvation. John 8:24.

B. What men of Caesarea-Philippi, said about the Son of Man. Matt 16:13,14.

C. What the men of John 6 said about Jesus. John 6:14,15.