Rightly Dividing Discipleship 2

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The Change of Discipleship

An exegetical method of Biblical interpretation will result in distinctions.

I. Anticipation of Transition from Discipleship under Law to Discipleship under Grace

A. A Change of Message. Matt 16:21-23.

B. A Change of Freedom. John 8:30-36.

C. A Change of Commandment. John 13:34,35.

D. A Change of Ability. John 15:7-8.

II. Execution of the Transition from Law Discipleship to Grace Discipleship Matt 28:18-20.

A. Disciple all Nations. I Cor 15:3-4.

B. Baptize the Ones who are discipled. (presupposes ‘,making disciples’ equals salvation

C. Teach Christ’s commandments. John 13:34,35.

III. The Result of the Discipleship Transition

A. The Number of Disciples

B. The Location of the Disciples